Life Frustrations

Today is supposed to be my “My Week In Pictures” post, but I decided to leave that for now and write this instead.


For the past month and a half I have been working on a project that includes the building of a website, the whole point of this site is to bring creators together in a way that allows big and little creators to connect and help each other out. It was supposed to be such a fun and exciting journey, instead it has been nothing short of a nightmare, it seems like every time I think I’ve been successful in something, ten other things go wrong.

After about 3 weeks of writing I finally finished a HUGE part of this project, I clicked print, as I wanted to have a hardcopy to have my mom check for errors, and suddenly the app I was using crashed, and has deleted everything I had written. I know what your thinking, “didn’t you save it”, yes I did in fact I have something set on my Mac that it saves every 5 minutes, I also use my iCloud, but for some reason the app wasn’t saving or uploading to iCloud, even when I was manually saving it wasn’t. I did take it to the Genius Bar at Apple, the people there were so nice and really tried to help me, they spent a long time running every program they could think of to pull up all my past used documents, but it was nowhere to be found.

This isn’t just frustrating because of the fact that I have spent weeks working on this, but because I have put off so many other things like my blog and youtube channel, in fact my schedule says I’m supposed to be finished filming all of the 25 Days of Christmas videos today, but I haven’t even started filming 1 of them. I have literally put my life on hold for this, and now I’m not only missing over 40 pages of extremely well thought out content, but I’m also drastically behind on everything else.

Having said that I am choosing to persevere, I will spend my nights writing and my days filming back to back videos, and hopefully I will be done by the first. The most frustrating part of all of this was I had everything planned out so I would be able to enjoy the holiday season with my family, without worrying about filming or editing, or writing, but here I am a week and a half before the first with literally nothing.

Anyhoos I just felt like writing this down, hopefully now that I have I can move past it and get down to work.

Thank you for listening to my frustrations, and hopefully next week will be better!


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