My Makeup Collection & Storage

Since starting my blog and vlogging I think the most asked question I get is “Where did you get your boxes that you store your makeup in?” and “Can you do a makeup collection post?”, so today I am finally doing it! I have cleaned out my makeup so there isn’t any expired makeup in it, the only items I have that would be considered expired would be a few palettes that I have kept for sentimental reasons, you can see those here.

This is where I store my makeup, I know it’s not the most glamorous of places but it’s the only space I had as my bathroom has limited storage and this is the only wall space as the rest of my bathroom is mirrored.

I got this set from my local hardware store, you can find them at Walmart, Lowes, Homes Depot, Target, Amazon, etc. The boxes are called Mini Fabric Bins, the current shade of them doesn’t match, if you have been here for awhile you’re remember my bathroom used to be that teal-green and brown color.

I have two prints from MaggsLondon one says “Eat Sleep Create” and the other says “Stay Wild”, I have watched Hannah Maggs since the beginning of her channel, I can remember when she made videos about her makeup school and spoke so softly it almost sounded like she was whispering lol, I still love her blog and channel just as much as I did then (if not more so because of the addition of her husband and two children), and I always try and support fellow creators so when they brought these prints out I knew I needed to get them.

At the top I have a picture of a baby Charlie wrapped in a blue towel with a little rubber ducky, I used to do “photoshoots” with him on a daily basis when he was a puppy, I know he loved the attention but I think he hated me constantly dressing him in different outfits and then making him sit or lay down lol. Next to the picture I have two little owl jars and some super old Real Techniques brushes, I don’t use these anymore because they had a rubber type of casing on the handle and after 2-3 years they really got super dingy, so I thought sticking them on top of the makeup storage would add a little pizaz!

I like to keep my makeup organized in order of use so going from Left to Right and Top to Bottom I have primers, Foundations, Concealer, Powder, and Brows.

Followed by all of my eyeshadow palettes and loose shadows, then eyeliner, mascara, then highlighter & blush, bronzer & contour.

And finally we have my lip liners, lipsticks, and lip glosses!

And that is my entire makeup collection, you can watch the full video for this post here, and I would love to know how/where you store your makeup!



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