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About five years ago I would get up everyday at 5am to go for a run, then I would have breakfast and head out to the gym for a 2 hour session, I did this 5 days a week! Back then I felt so confidant and happy with my body, I would come home from the gym shower, do my hair & makeup, and pick out the cutest outfits before heading back out the door.

Fast forward to now, I’m overweight, I pretty much live in gym clothes, even though I’m not actually going to the gym, and I almost never do my hair or makeup anymore. I would say that living in Hawaii where it’s hot and humid all the time has contributed to my not wanting to deal with my hair or makeup, but also my life is so different, compared to what it used to be. We live in a small(ish) condo where I literally feel these four walls closing in on me, and we both work from home, so it was really easy to fall out of the gym habit and the whole getting ready, because what exactly am I getting ready for???

Well thats all changing, I’ve decided what I’m getting ready for is ME!!! I had forgotten how good it felt to get dressed up and have people complement you and look in the mirror and think “DAMN! I look good!!!”. So last Thursday I got up, worked out, showered, did my hair & makeup, and got dressed, I did that on Friday, and on Monday as well. I cannot even begin to tell you how different I already feel, just going through the process of picking my outfit and deciding it it’s going to be more casual or more dressy, I honestly feel more self love. Which that statement makes me feel so conflicted, theres a whole body positive community online that I so desperately want to feel apart of but can I when I’m unhappy with how my body looks and feels right now? I feel like the odd woman out on this but I also feel that taking sometime to make yourself feel and look good, whilst some may call it vanity I feel like your loving yourself, your taking the time to do something for you that boosts your confidence and moral, so it can’t be all that bad, right?

For any of you out there that maybe feel a bit unhappy with your current self I recommend this “fake it till you make it” attitude, and I’m not talking about slap on a fake smile and pretend its all ok, I’m saying get up, wash your hair, do your skincare, and maybe paint your nails, just something that small really does make a difference in how you feel.

Today I decided to keep it a bit more casual but dressed it up a bit with the shoes just to add a little umph! I’m wearing a white tank top from BP, the plaid shirt is from Old Navy, the boyfriend jeans are from ross (similar), and the boots are from BP (on sale now)! I also have on my Apple Watch, Kate Spade Hinge Bangle, Alex & Ani Bangles, and my Anna Saccone Necklace.

For my makeup I’m wearing the Estee Lauder DoubleWear Foundation, Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz, HourGlass Ambiant Lighting Palette, Hoola Bronzer (on my eyes), CoverGirl Lash Blast Mascara in Brown, and Kylie Cosmetics Koko K Liquid Lip in Bunny.

I would love to know your thoughts on this whole “fake it till you make it”, do you think it’s helpful?



  1. Kriti Goyal
    November 7, 2017 / 8:09 pm

    Yes it is helpful…it is helpful to build confidence irrespective the shape of your body…if u can carry whatever shape u have nicely with all the clothings and makeup and hair…then it does not matter at all…what matter is you look good if you wear a confidence 🙂

  2. Ana Martins
    November 9, 2017 / 12:46 pm

    Thank you so much for this post, it really made me feel more confident! 😘😘

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