March Winners & April Giveaway

I know this was supposed to be posted on the first Friday of the month but sadly I went through all the trouble of making a super creative easter cupcake video to go along with it, only for the footage to be “corrupted” and completely unusable according to Final Cut, so I jumped up and refilled the entire video only to realize in editing that I forgot to turn my lights on, so the whole video was really dark, and I forgot to turn the mic on…cue the very long string of very bad words…I thought I might be able to salvage the video with really good editing and voice over but honestly I was just so not happy with it so I scrapped the whole project and thought I would just post this, the winners of the Affina Facial Scrub is Kirsten Paige and Monique Guthrie, I have already messaged you via Youtube Messaging Center.
Aprils giveaway is going to be my favorite face mask of all time, the Sei Bella Clay Mask, it leaves your skin feeling so soft and smooth, and I swear I feel like my faces glows after this mask 😉 The 2 winners for this will be announced on May 1, 2015.
I am spending the week writing Copy for Don’s website as well as filming I have a big list of what I consider to be fun and different videos that I will post starting on Sunday.
I hope you all have a great week and once again sorry I was tardy for the…Giveaway lol


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