Meal Monday: Eating Healthy On A Budget {Meat}

Today I am continuing with the Eating Healthy On A Budget Series and talk about MEAT!!! Meat is the most expensive thing on your grocery list, but there are a few ways around the cost.
1. Invest in a Costco/Sam’s Club Membership.
These membership stores are able to get amazing deals on meat because they buy in such large quantities and then sell to you in large quantities too. At my local Costco I can buy 10lbs of ground beef for $30.00 thats $3.00 a pound, where as at my local Safeway I can purchase 1 pound of ground beef for $7-8.00 thats a huge difference in price as well as I end up with a stocked freezer. Another thing I like to buy at Costco is their Whole Chickens, they come 2 per pack for $12.00 and they are MASSIVE, unlike the over priced tiny Safeway chickens and then you have left over chicken for sandwiches, which by the way is a lot healthier than lunch meat.

2. Look into PORK.
Pork is called “the other white meat” because it contains less fat than beef, and price wise is low like chicken. With pork there are a lot of cuts to choose from like a pork roast, porch chop, pork loin, and of course bacon. I would advise staying away from bacon as its not very healthy and it can also be expensive. If you buy a cut of pork that has fat on it I would recommend removing the fat before cooking, add a cup or two of chicken stock to your pan and wrap the pan tightly in tinfoil to have a moist cut of meat.

3. Look into fish.
Fish is usually considered expensive but you can purchase cheaper fish such as Trout or Catfish whole, or purchase a small piece of a more expensive fish like Salmon or Ahi and split them amongst the people in your home. The more expensive cuts of fish can also be from the type of fish that tends to be rich like Salmon so it works out well to have a smaller portion.

4. Find a local butcher.
Going to your local butcher is a great way to save on meat, and they usually are getting their meat locally so you are supporting local business and you know where you meat comes from as well as the products used on your meat.

I hope this post helps you guys and you can see my full Meat video below…….


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