Meal Monday: Frozen Vegetables ||Healthy Eating On A Budget||

I recently received a subscriber request to do a video on Healthy Eating On A Budget, I decided to break this topic up into separate parts or else we would be here for hours talking about this. Today’s first part is on frozen vegetables.

Frozen Vegetables tend to have a low reputation among healthy eaters, we all have that friend (or at least I do), that would be shocked to find out I use frozen vegetables on  a regular basis. The top two negative comments towards frozen vegetables is they lose their nutrients when frozen, and they are full of pesticides.

All frozen vegetables are picked, processed (which means sorted, cleaned, packaged), and then flash frozen. Flash frozen means it is frozen instantly, so there isn’t any time for the vegetable to start losing it’s nutrients.

Also whether you buy fresh or frozen the only way to determine whether or not your produce was grown with pesticides is to actually grow it yourself. That’s because the “Organic” labeling you see is controlled by the USDA, which currently considers organic to mean less pesticides than what is normally used.

I think that buying frozen vegetables is a perfectly acceptable option when trying to eat healthy on a budget, in fact I buy frozen vegetables on a regular basis to make my own homemade stir fry mix, and to add peas to my tune salads. In the end, when faced with the option of frozen vegetables over canned vegetables I would take frozen all day long.







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