My Meals Monday | Being Transparent!

The past few months I have really focused on the fitness side of my weightless goal, and now I’m centering my focus on the diet side of my goal. By focusing on fitness first I think it’s easier for me to adjust to eating healthier as my body is actually craving healthier foods.


I was running late this morning and needed to get out of the house, my goal is to be out the door by 9 am every day, no exceptions! Due to oversleeping I didn’t get a chance to have breakfast so I went to Starbucks, which is right next to the gym and got a protein box with cheese, apple, grapes, boiled eggs, a protein biscuit and peanut butter. I also had an iced latte with 3 pumps of vanilla and almond milk.


I had to run a few errands and by the time I got around to thinking about lunch I wasn’t near any healthy options so I ordered a Loaded Hawaiian Bowl from Jamba Juice and took it home to eat. Sadly by the time I got there it was almost totally melted but it was still tasty!

Whilst editing my daily vlog, I decided to have four of these bad boys. The funny thing about this is Celebrations is something I had to order from the UK (I whole heartedly blame Zoella for this, as I watched her vlogmas whilst I was sick and they kept talking about Celebrations, Heros, and Quality Street, so I ordered all three 🙊), but we have the majority of these here in the US. I only had four and they are very small but I thought for transparency reasons I would tell you lol.

One of the things I’m trying to work on whilst focusing on my diet is building healthy eating habits. One of those habits is learning not to deprive yourself, as thats when we tend to binge, as well as learning portion control. Which is why I made a point of having four and no more, even though I probably could have eaten 12 hahaha.

Now that Don is feeling a bit better, he still has a pesky cough but it’s almost gone, we decided to go see a movie as between the two of us being sick, we have been home for over 2 weeks. We went and saw Baby Driver, it wasn’t as good as I thought it would be and I feel the ending needed a total rewrite lol, but it was still fun to get out of the house. I had a small popcorn and a bottle of water whilst there. I only ate about half the popcorn as it was way over salted.


I’ve really been enjoying playing with my new instant pot, and this week I made barley vegetable stew, although I added a bit too much barley and it drank up most of the juice😂. This was actually left overs as I also made a bit too much, however I actually thought it tasted better the next day, funny how that happens.

That is everything I ate today, you can watch the video for this post here.

I would also love to know what you ate today, and if your focusing on trying to eat healthy at then moment.


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