Morphe 35O Review

After hearing so many bloggers/vloggers praise the Morphe 35O palette, I decided to buy it, unfortunately due to the very high praise it seems it was always sold out, but I finally got my hands on one, and thought I would give you guys my thoughts.

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One of the first issues I have with this palette, is the eyeshadows powder very heavily, I actually can’t even think of another eyeshadow that powdered this heavily. It is something that can be over looked, but do remember that with these shadows, apply your foundation after you’ve done your eyes, and be sure to tap off the excess on your brushes.


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While we are talking about the application of these shadows, make sure you prime your eyes, I had some issues with the shimmer shades creasing, but to be fair that does happen a lot with shimmer shades.

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Another issue I have with the application of these shadows is the darker matte colors can have a really muddled look to them, and it’s not from lack of blending, it just seems like a lot of them turn to a muddy water look, and while some are not as bad as others, it really needs to be built up, but do it slowly, so add some, blend, blend, blend, add some more…and repeat.

I find it really irritating in a palette when you swatch something and it looks nice, because of the pad of your finger, or the oils on your finger you’re able to pick up more product, but then the second you use a brush the color pay off really falls away.

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Finally the last issue I have is that it seems like some of the colors don’t actually match once you use them. Which is so frustraiting! When you’re doing your makeup in the morning, nobody has time, (or the desire), to deal with the shock of a shade looking different once applied.

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In the end, I wouldn’t buy this palette again, which is really sad considering all the hype around it. I will say you do get 35 shades for less than $25, and some of the shades are quite nice, once you get around the fall down issue. I did want to mention the cost of shipping, I paid a little over $12 for the shipping of this palette, and I have to say that is incredibly high, especially when I just ordered a 200ML Emma Hardie Balm and got free shipping.

Have you tried this palette?

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  1. March 25, 2016 / 2:08 am

    That's a massive palette! Pity it didn't work out for you, I've heard only good things about Morphe eyeshadows but it's always good to know the pros and cons of a product. Thanks for your review! x

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