Music Monday: Angela McClure

I have been listening to Angela McClure’s album Thistle & Weed non-stop lately, it’s a little twany-country on some songs, but its also kinda sad and depressing, which I guess says a lot about how I’m feeling, but all in all I love listening to this album, its smooth and mellow but not to the point that your going to fall asleep. Her voice is amazing, and I love the simplicity of the instruments its just good music. My only complaint on this album would be Highway 44, it doesn’t seem to fit with the rest of the album, the words seem to work, but I feel like they went a bit wild with the instruments and it feels a little too ‘up” for an album thats supposed to be “down”.

I will leave you with the iTunes album below, listen to Stone it’s my favorite song off this album, followed by Work It Out.



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