Music Monday: Katie Morgan

Welcome to Music Monday, every Monday I will post a song or artist that I have been loving that week.
This week is Katie Morgan, I am completely OBSESSED with this girl and her voice. She is really hard to find right now as far as buying music, but if we are all a little patient and encouraging I’m sure we will have something from her soon. My favorite song from her is Run Away, this is one of the songs that you just cannot stop singing and her voice again is so amazing, and so distinctive, as soon as her music starts you know exactly who it is.
My next favorite song is Could Have Been. Her voice in this song is very bluesy-jazzy sounding and in a way reminds me of Amy Winehouse, probably because of how different she sounds to all of the other artists out there right now.
Here is her Twitter, SoundCloudFacebook, and YouTube, so you guys can all go check her out and fall just as madly in love as I have and demand more Katie Morgan!


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