My Current Haircare Routine

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I have been blond for 2 or 3 years now and I’m feeling the itch to change it up again so I thought I would show you guys my current haircare routine before I do!

I change up my shampoo and conditioner a lot, because each of these have something I like/need:

Amika Bust Your Brass Shampoo I use this 1-2 times a month to keep the brassy look at bay. This can also be used for ashy toned brunettes!

Moroccan Oil Repair Shampoo The best shampoo ever the scent is amazing, and your hair feels so soft after using this!

Moroccan Oil Repair Conditioner Same as above lol!

Olaplaex Step 4 Shampoo This is used once a week to help with damage.

Olaplex Step 5 Conditioner Also used to help with damage.

Briogeo Be Gentle Be Kind Green Shampoo This smells amazing and is perfect for a simple hair wash.

Briogeo Be Gentle Be Kind Green Conditioner Same as above.

Aquas Luxe Hair Towel This is the best towel ever I have the turban and the long hair one (from when I had long hair), I prefer the long hair one as the turban doesn’t handle thick hair as well as the other.

I do a hair mask at least once a week, which one is determined by how my hair feels:

Briogeo Charcoal Shampoo For product build up.

Briogeo Repair Hair Mask For dry ends.

Olaplex Step 3 Mask If my hair is feeling straw like (ya know that super damaged feeling when you go blonde lol)

Moroccan Oil Moisture Hair mask This is for extra hydration.

Moroccan Oil Revitalize Hair Mask For extra TLC on these blonde locks!

I don’t play around with my hair products haha, this is what I use:

Revlon Unique One Coconut Spray Perfect for detangling and it is an all inane.

Phyto 7  This helps with damage and is essentially a multivitamin for your hair.

Moroccan Oil Thickening Lotion This is perfect for those of us who have no natural volume, its not sticky or stiff either.

Moroccan Oil Heat Protect This is a must, its also a UV protection so SPF for your hair, which means your color won’t fade as quickly!

Revlon Roller Hair Dryer The most amazing hair dryer to get smooth hair without trying to do a blowout on yourself!

Moroccan Oil Split End Cream I don’t have split ends but I always use this to keep them at bay!

Moroccan Oil Hair Oil This is used at night before bed, just on the ends to keep them moisturized.

Orofluido Hair Oil I love the look of a little oil through the lengths and ends in the am, this is amazing, smells great, and isn’t as heavy as the Moroccan oil.

Moroccan Oil Light Tones Dry Shampoo A must for blondes, it contains some purple to help with brass, you can use this if youre an ashy brunette as well.

In the video for this post I show you how I use each product so be sure to give that a watch here!

This post includes affiliate links.

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