My Everyday Hair Routine

Living in Hawaii means I have access to some of the most beautiful landscapes on the planet, countless outdoor activities, and of course HUMIDITY!

Of course it’s only fair that when you live in the most beautiful place on earth there has to be some sort of downside, for me thats crazy frizzy hair, that not much can be done for, so I thought I would share my normal everyday hair routine for any of you dealing with or going to deal with humidity.

GHD Rose Gold Flat Iron

Tresemme Keratin Smooth Heat Protectant

Tresemme Beauty Full Volume Mousse

Bed Head Blowout

It’s a 10 Miracle Styling Serum

Tangle Teezer

I straighten my hair leaving 1-2 inches from the root, as this will help provide more volume, Once I get to the crown of my head I flip the straightener under (see video below) at the root, because this too will add more volume.

I then add mousse, you can do this if your hair is wet first, but I usually dry my hair at night and then style in the morning, as it cuts down on my ”Get Ready” time.

Then use 1 pump Blowout and 2 pumps styling serum and run from the middle of your hair to the ends, once almost all the product is off your hands you can add a little to the top of your head if you suffer from dry hair.

Then add an additional 2 pumps of the styling serum to the very ends of your hair, and then flip to once side, and your good to go!

This is my go to, as I can’t curl my hair in this humidity it will last less than 4 hours, and I’m trying not to wear my hair up as often, because I have dry hair so it can break easier.

Here is today’s Main Channel Video and Daily Vlog!




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