My Meals Monday

Hello!!! And welcome back, I had a little break from Vlogging and Blogging, because on January 14th my little sister Laura gave birth to the newest member of our family. Little Nicholas Contreras has stolen all of our hearts, and his older sister Sophia has decided he’s a keeper lol. I enjoyed my break from Blogging and Vlogging but at the same time really missed speaking to all of you, so on to My Meals Monday.


Today I started off with Oatmeal, I make this on the stove using plain oats, I added in almond milk, raisins, and dried figs, and then a chopped banana. I also had my usual coffee and water.


For lunch I had an egg salad sandwich, at the start of January I decided to give up meat, I am doing really well with that choice and so far don’t really miss it, and have quite enjoyed finding new recipes to try, including this sandwich, its so basic yet I had never actually made one, it was very good lol.


For dinner we had eggplant lasagna, this is from whole foods, rather than noodles they used slices of eggplant it was so good.

That is everything I had to eat today, what did you eat today? What are your thoughts on being Vegetarian?

Here is today’s Main Channel Video and Daily Vlog!



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