My Meals Monday: August 24, 2015

I started my morning with a Coffee and Plain Biscotti, I love these they add something really special to your morning coffee.

I then had steak for breakfast, it was left-over from my dinner out the night before, and I LOVED it! I don’t eat a lot of beef, but from time to time I really crave it.


I then had the worlds best snack, a very cold White Peach, these are so amazing, and its the only way I’m able to eat peaches because I don’t care for yellow peaches.


I decided to have a little iced coffee, to help get me through this overshot, humid day, did I mention we are at 83% humidity due to a hurricane, and our a/c broke:(


This is my protein shake, its a banana, frozen cherries, 10 oz of water, and a scoop of protein powder.

After going to the pool for a while, I had a croissant sandwich, it has chicken breast, provolone, and tomato.

For dinner I had some hibiscus tea, water, scalloped potatoes, and salmon with pesto.

Here is todays Daily Vlog, and Main Channel Video.



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