My Meals Monday | Eating “Healthy”

Lately I have been on quite the health kick, not only am I working out 7 days a week, going to yoga, and starting to incorporate more swimming and activities, but I’m also trying to eat healthier without starving myself. So here is what I ate…


 I had Oatmeal with raisins and almond milk. A black Nespresso coffee, and a 500ml bottle of water.


After Workout Snack:

After working out a lot of people drink protein shakes, but I was very lucky many years ago to have an amazing trainer/friend who sadly passed away, but she advised me that it’s not always they best to drink those, as they can also bulk you up. So I am getting protein via a boiled egg and a string cheese. I also had another 500ml bottle of water (3 so far for the day).


For lunch I wanted to try (or copy lol) a salad that I had seen on Anna Saccone’s snapchat, so I grilled egg plant and zucchini, and then added them over lettuce, olives, avocado, and topped the whole thing with a little bit of Wishbone Creamy Caesar Dressing. This was really delicious, however I would recommend peeling the egg plant, the skin was so tough I just cut it off.


After Lunch Dessert:

Right after lunch I was REALLY craving chocolate so I pulled out the most amazing treat ever, I had four Cadbury chocolate eggs, these are very tiny, but it was just enough to satisfy that craving!


Afternoon Snack:

For my afternoon snack I had 3 Dried Fancy Apricots, and 2 Ones Prunes. This is such a nice snack, not only is it sweet and keeps me from indulging it something I shouldn’t, but they also have lots of fiber!



For dinner I made breakfast lol, because I usually have oatmeal I don’t get pancakes and eggs, so I went on pintrest and saw two ideas I had to try, a six minute egg on toast with avocado, as well as dipping buttered toast in eggs. Both were really good but the one with the avocado is slightly healthier.



For dessert I was craving something salty (Can it still be called dessert?), so I had a bit of the Boom Chica Pop popcorn, its so good, without being so bad.

That is everything I ate today, I will continue this new theme of eating a bit healthier as well as spreading my meals throughout the day, in the hopes that it aides in my weightless journey.

What did you eat today?

Here is today’s Main Channel Video and Daily Vlog!


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