My Meals Monday | It Was Awkward

Happy Easter!!! Today I started off with my usual coffee and orange juice. I really don’t like the taste of Vida Glow, but I know its good for me so I mix it with orange juice in the blender to mask the taste.


At breakfast I really wanted eggs on toast with avocado. Sadly I didn’t have avocado, but I took a risk and it paid off. I used potato salad, crazy I know, but it was actually really good. I also had another coffee, and also a little orange juice, I don’t normally have another orange juice but i figured it’s Easter lets live a little lol.

We then headed out to the movies to see The Zoo Keepers Wife, which was amazing BTW. Whilst there I had a Coke Zero and a small unbuttered popcorn, but we did get there about 10 minutes late, which meant I couldn’t vlog it as the theater was dark, and it was sooo crowded.

On the way home I also got a Starbucks Iced Venti Vanilla Latte.


It started pouring rain and got so windy and cold on the way home so we decided we would do soup and sandwiches for dinner. I made and ham and cheese toastie with a little chicken noodle soup, it would have been better with tomato soup but I sadly didn’t have any.


For my dessert I had a cup of TeaPigs Peapermint & Licorice tea with 5 Girl Scouts lemon cookies. These cookies are so good, and was the perfect evening snack whilst watching the series premier of The White Princess.

That is everything I had today you can see the video for this here, and the daily vlog here.




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