My Meals Monday: January 26, 2015


Today after we went to the gym we decided to have a little treat and hit up one of our favorite breakfast spots, Koa Pancake House, I got the Chili Cheese Omalet, Fried Rice (mostly for the amazing ham inside it), and an Orange Juice. This was a much bigger portion than I normally receive and didn’t eat even 1/2 of it but it was sooo good.

We decided to go see a movie today (American Sniper which was really good but if you have family in the military it can be a little difficult to watch as it gives you such an up close portrayal of the mental battle our loved ones go through), while at the movie I got a small popcorn, with a small Coke Zero, I know soda and diet soda isn’t healthy but sometimes its about picking the lesser of the two evils.


After the movie we went to Jamba Juice and I got the Kale Rebeen, It had Kale, Chia Seeds, Passion Fruit, Mango and Greek Yogurt. It was so good and refreshing as today was ridiculously humid.


We are having island wide rolling blackouts because of our aging power grid here they are afraid it will be over powered and cause the whole system to crash, unfortunately they didn’t do an announcement or anything so I was caught quite off guard so after stumbling around to find my phone to use as a flashlight to find my candles I made a ham and cheese sandwich, not a very fancy dinner but it did the trick.

So that was everything I ate today, I did get 3 liters of water down today so I feel really good about that, as well as making it to the gym and I got an amazing workout in.

Here is my video of My Meals Monday, leave a comment below telling me what you ate today, and did you meet your water goals?



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