My Meals Monday: June 22, 2015

So I’m finally back after a much needed week long break, my cold/flu is almost completely gone, which means I can finally get back to my normal routine, and working towards my weight loss goals, specially my diet, I have put together a little food plan for myself that totals out to about 1400 calories per day and so far its working!

9:00 am


For breakfast I had my normal coffee, water, and oatmeal, the only difference is I added 1/2 a plum but unfortunately the plum was not as ripe as I thought so I had to toss that 🙁


11:30 am

Morning Snack:

I used Greek Gods Honey & Vanilla yogurt added 1/2 a very ripe apricot (learned my lesson the first time lol), and then my favorite local Hawaiian granola, this granola is made here in Hawaii using only organic products grown here in Hawaii.

1:15 pm


For lunch I made a tuna wrap, I used a 100 calorie whole grain wrap from Costco, some tuna made with Mayo, Mustard, Cherry Tomatoes, Onions, and Pickles, I then added a little extra sharp cheddar cheese.


3:00 pm

Afternoon Snack:

I had an ambrosia apple for my snack, these are so good and incredibly sweet, it was almost like having a dessert.



5:00 pm

Movie Snack:

I have been on a total Greys Anatomy binge this past week so whilst watching another episode I enjoyed a small Coke Zero and a little bit of the worlds greatest popcorn ever, if you can find Skinny Pop Popcorn grab it!


7:30 pm


For dinner I made a salad it had romaine hearts, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, and a little bit of extra sharp cheddar.

And thats everything I had to eat today!


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