My Meals Monday: June 8, 2015

I started my morning off with a chocolate attain shake on the way to the gym, I did vlog it but I forgot to get a picture of it, if you watch the video linked below you will see me make it.


After the gym I did some blogging, and enjoyed a well earned cup of coffee!


For breakfast I actually did something different, this is toast with pesto, mashed avocado, sprouts, 1 poached egg, and basil. I then served it with 1 spear of cantaloupe and 1 apple banana.


My breakfast was so big I couldn’t even think about a full on lunch but I did have 3 spoonfuls of Greek Gods honest and vanilla yogurt with some local granola.


For dinner I had a garden salad and my mashed cauliflower with pancetta.


I also had a coconut water, as it was so warm today and I am feeling really dehydrated. I recently switched to raw coconut water after doing some research on how its made as well as when they “pasteurize” the normal coconut water it basically kills any of the good stuff in there, I find the raw coconut water actually tastes better and in a way I feel better about drinking something that will expire in this year 😉


Lastly for dessert I had a juice pop, as I mentioned before it really was hot today so this was just what I needed to end my day.

If you would like to watch todays Main Channel Video, Daily Vlog, or Gaming Channel Video, they can all be found below.



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