My Meals Monday: May 25, 2015

Today’s My Meals Monday is completely different from all of my others, (I thought you may be getting tired of all the oatmeal hehehe).


So I started my day off with 1 poached egg (I still can’t get them all round and cute, what am I doing wrong?), 2 slices of grilled bacon cooked on the George Forman so all the grease came off, 1 slice of toast with strawberry jam and cream cheese, my coffee and water.


Then after completing the gym I got a cookie and a coffee from Starbucks, i did get a smoothie too but I gave it to Don as I forgot to get him something oops!


For my snack I tried to have a beautiful nectarine but when I bit into it it was so green and gross I threw it out.


For dinner I had chicken baked in a bag, and my own mashed cauliflower recipe that is so good its better than mashed potatoes, and yes I will be doing a video on this bad boy!

Here is the video for My Meals Monday, my Daily Vlog, and todays Gaming Channel video.



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