My Meals Monday | Not Very Healthy


Today was fathers day and while I don’t have a father to celebrate, and we don’t have children, we do have our dogs that we treat like children lol, so we ordered this amaizing breakfast that the dogs were quite happy to partake in haha.

I got the traditional eggs benedict with fried rice (we pretty much serve rice with everything here, you can even order it at McDonalds). I also had my usual coffee.



I had such a huge breakfast I couldn’t imagine eating anything else but I did want a coffee, but with how hot it was I had to chuck some ice in.



This was actually last nights dinner, and I just realized every meal I ate today was takeout omg how did that happen? This is a steak with potatoes and arugula from California Pizza Kitchen.



I ordered a burger and fries from Chilies. To be fair I have spent the past week super orginzing my house and pulling out all the crap I want to get rid of in our annual building yard sale, which means by the end of the day, I really don’t feel like cooking.



I order the Berry Strudel as dessert, but it was very disappointing, I was picturing more like a cobbler type thing, and this was butter cake with smoothie poured over and a few berries. It was still good, just not at all what I was expecting.

And that is everything I ate today, what did you eat?


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