My Meals Monday: October 12, 2015

Today I started my morning off a little different, I have been wanting a Nespresso Citiz for so long I honestly couldn’t even think about anything else and the other day Don surprised me at the mall and bought it for me as an early birthday present! So I started off with a level 11-12 espresso, I know it looks like there is milk in here but you will be able to see in the video below it’s actually just pure espresso.


Then we got a little more normal and had the usual oatmeal with almond milk, I haven’t been adding granola or raisins in lately just because it ends up being a lot to eat.


I have recently started buying this Brooklyn Bread and its so amazing for grilled sandwiches and its super thin, so this was made with mozzarella and black forest ham.

Then I had something a little different, my afternoon “snack” was this amazing tiered chocolate cake, no I didn’t eat the whole thing lol, I had maybe 1/3 to maybe 1/2. I then threw away the rest as I knew if it was here I would eat it lol.

For dinner we had Marie Calanders corn chowder pot pie, and I added in peas, which aren’t normally my favorite but I never eat the crust on any pie so I always feel like I need more filling.

That is everything I had today, what did you have? Do you allow yourself sneaky treats as well?

Here is todays Main Channel Video and Daily Vlog.



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