My Meals Monday | Parasailing & Baby Steps


Today’s My Meals Monday is a bit speratic because I left for a few hours to go parasailing and missed lunch, by the time I got back it was dinner time so there are only two meals today.

For breakfast I had 1 piece of Raisin Cinnamon Toast, 1 Veggie Patty, and 2 Scrambled Eggs.  Obviously this is not a vegan meal, but I am making baby steps in that direction.

I had planned my whole transition around Niomi Smart’s book release to help ease me in and provide me with a plethora of food options, but sadly it’s not available in the US anymore, I had preordered on Amazon but just received an email saying they are canceling the US preorders.

I missed lunch as I was parasailing but for dinner I made Vegan Broccoli Soup and garlic bread. This is my all time favorite soup and it’s so easy to make it was just what I needed after an edrinalin filled day!

Now on to the parasailing adventure!!!

My friend Gina and I had talked about going hiking since it was a state holiday and she didn’t have work, then I remembered we had briefly discussed going parasailing a few months back so I suggested that and that was what we went with!

It was so terrifying but thrilling at the same time, I already have plans to go back and do it again soon. Here are a few pictures from our adventure!





It was so exciting and I can’t wait to do it again soon. Have you ever been parasailing? Would you go?

Here is today’s Vlog and Main Channel Video.



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