My Meals Monday | Starting Off Right


I wanted to start the year off right, and you all know how much I live me some oatmeal, so thats what I had this morning. I paired it with a massive glass of water, and a very much needed espresso.


Am Snack:

For my snack I had another massive glass of water, I’m suffering from major New Years dehydration lol. I also had a Nature Valley Fruit & Nut bar.



I was craving tuna so badly, so I made half a tuna melt, and put the rest of the tuna on the side. It was amazing!


Pm Snack/Lunch Two:

I had to do a bit of grocery shopping and whilst there I grabbed this amazing California roll. I also had a Trenta Green Tea unsweetened.



It’s been a tiny bit cold here for the last couple of weeks, and tonight I had a super hot bowl of Chicken Tortilla Soup. It was the perfect bit of comfort food that I needed, however it was quite spicy, note to self enjoy with milk lol.



I had to have dessert, I couldn’t resist this Chocolate Chip Cookie, so I did it, but I kept it reasonable and only had the one. I also had a TeaPigs Licorice and Peppermint tea.

Looking back at this I can see maybe I didn’t start the year off 100% right, but I feel good about my decisions, baby steps right? If you want to see today’s Main Channel or Daily Vlog they will be below.

What did you eat today? Did you make any weight loss/fitness resolutions?



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