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Happy Monday to you all!! Hopefully you are all having a pleasant start to your week. I had a great start yesterday, Sunday for me was super relaxing, and I went out for a nice lunch.


Since we were having such a easy day we thought we would have a proper breakfast, we had scrambled eggs, and scalloped potatoes. I also had a big thing of water, a coffee, and orange juice to take my Vida Glow in. I also had liquid multi vitamin.


Am Snack:

This shockingly is half an apple lol. I had it with another coffee and a bit of peanut butter.


For lunch we went to the Shack, a local sports bar, I had a very heavy handed mojito, a caesar wrap and dukes (deef fried zucchini). This is one of my favorite places to go, as it has an amazing view, and it has a very relaxed vibe to it.



For dinner we wanted something really easy, so I made a vegetable stew that I saw on Hannah Maggs Channel, it was so good I cannot recommend it enough, and it was supper easy!



For dessert i indulged in a Dove Magnum Dark Chocolate ice cream. I normally don’t care for ice cream but anything with dark chocolate, I’m game for!

That is everything I had to eat today, what did you eat?



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