My Meals Monday

Today has been all about preparing to reset my routine from earlier in the year, before my life and work schedule became so hectic, so I started off the day by taking my fur babies for a nice long walk which they 100% loved.

I then headed home and had my water which is in the Blogilates bottle and my coffee which is the Nespresso Vivalto Lungo, this is my favorite Nespresso capsule.


I then made breakfast which was toast, with pesto, scrambled eggs, and a bit of smoked salmon on top. If I was going to be totally honest I would have preferred this with avocado, but hey our weekly shop doesn’t come until tomorrow and beggars can’t be choosers lol.


We went to the movies and saw Keeping Up With The Joneses, it was so funny and I had some popcorn and Coke Zero, but we were so late for the movie and I even had to drive home halfway through for a few minutes that I wasn’t able to get a picture or video of it, sorry.

After the movies we went to Starbucks and grabbed an Iced Venti Vanilla Latte and a few of the cake pops, they were quite delicious!


We didn’t have any plans for dinner, so I made some Pierogi’s with some marinara sauce, my mom used to make these all the time when were little and I absolutely love them.

And thats everything I had today. What did you eat today?

You can watch today’s My Meals Monday here and the Daily Vlog Here.



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