My Week In Pictures May 14-20, 2017

This week has been a bit of an exciting one for me, I am keeping with my New Years resolution of self-love, and making some changes that are positive and that I’m really happy about.


Sunday was a lazy day for me, I mostly hung out with the dogs on the Lanai and stared up at these three palm trees.


Don had an appointment in Kailua and I tagged along so I could go to Target, whilst there I saw they finally had the Caroline Hirons Double Cleanse! It was such a happy moment for me as I have been trying to get this, and they won’t ship it to Hawaii and my local Target was constantly out of stock.




This was my last night with clips on my teeth for my invisalign. This has been an 18 month journey for me, and it was so nice to have the clips taken off and be able to smile without feeling self conscious.



Included in my New Years resolutions was to get in shape, I’m currently working on that and so instead of a Mojito with chips and salsa I had water and an apple for my happy hour. Although Louis has suddenly taken a huge liking to apples and he ends up eating about half of every apple I get. I don’t let him eat the skin because I’m afraid he will choke on it so I eat that, which means I’m getting all the good fiber!



I went and got my hair done!!! I found a picture on instagram that I fell in love with, sadly because my hair was so dark we have to do it in stages as to not damage my hair too much, but I love the middle stage that I’m in, it’s such a nice change from the boring hair I had before. To see a really good before and after watch the vlog linked below.



I received my Hello Hair shipment today, which I am so happy about as I need to be doing weekly masks to keep my hair as healthy as possible, and this is my ride or die mask!

Thats everything I got up to this week, you can watch the new weekly vlog here.




  1. Birdy
    May 21, 2017 / 7:17 pm

    So happy that you are making positive changes

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