My Week In Pictures Nov 6th-12th

It’s been a bit of a crazy week, as you guys know my mom and brother are here, my mom and I are in the very long process of building a website for a business we are starting together and should be launching soon, and it was also Matthew’s 11th birthday this week so we wanted to make it extra special for him sooooo….


We started off by having a special lunch just Matthew and I! I let him pick the place and out of all the options I gave him, we ended up at Chili’s, but he loved it, we got to have some good sibling bonding time.



This is a great little collections of the Zoella Beauty products, the bag is so big and I love that you can wipe the inside, then the shower cream and hand cream smell amazing! I really want to eat the soap, even though I know it’s soap it still looks appetizing lol.


We had Matthew’s birthday dinner at the Chief’s Luau in Sea Life Park, he had so much fun and is obsessed with fire throwing now. I’m going to include the vlog from this below because it really was one of the best things we have done here.



Tuesday was his actual birthday, so we headed back to Sea Life Park so he could enjoy all the animals and the Dolphin show, he also got to spend 45 minutes swimming with the sting rays as well as a shark. He really loved this, and this is one of the moments he will never forget.



How amazing does this collection of Tanya Burr Cosmetics look?


I didn’t get a chance to write my Throwback Thursday post so nows a great opportunity for me to, I think this is actually my cousin Alyssa’s birthday, sadly she passed away last year, and being able to look back on these pictures is such an amazing gift.

I am the one in the middle with her face half covered lol.


This is the Champagne Pop and Flowerchild split pan from Jaclyn Hill and Becca Cosmetics. I cannot tell you how much I love the Jaclyn Hill collection, I really feel like Becca is missing out on some major $$$$ by not making this a permanent collection.

And that is my week through pictures, I will leave my SnapChat Story, the Luau vlog, and the sting ray vlog below.



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