My Week In Pictures October 16th-22nd

I thought I would start a new series on here where I show what I’ve been up to on Instagram and SnapChat, so here is my week in pictures and SnapChat, I apologize in advance for the picture overload lol.


This is a shot of the GlamGlow PoutMud, I wonder why I’m posting so many random product pictures…shhhh!


This was a shot I got using my Phantom 4 Drone, I still have no idea what I’m doing but I am able to get some pretty cool pictures. This was taken at Sandy Beach Park, one of my favorite places near my house.


This past weekend was such an amazing few days, my younger brother Derrell flew in to surprise me for my upcoming birthday and we carved a couple of pumpkins, I did the Prissy Kitty on the left and he did the Moaning Ghoul on the right, they both came out amazing and looked awesome lit up at night.



Derrell and I have loved playing with the drone and as soon as I get a bit of a break from the wind I fully intend to give it a proper fly but for now we have yet to get more than 60 ft off the ground.


This was taken after Derrell and I had finished carving our pumpkins, we look so proud of ourselves lol.



The Clinique Glam Camp set.



Another day another drone shot lol, you can see Derrell and I standing off in the distance there.


Quite a large Lush order came in today, I would say I bought every Christmas related bubble bar, bath bomb, and bath melt available. I will be doing a haul with all of it quite soon.



This is the Ole Henriksen Facial Water Trio.



Here is baby number 1 aka Charlie in his usual position asleep on the couch.


And baby number 2 aka Louis not feeling 100% about his new haircut.


This is what our pumpkins looked like all lit up at night, unfortunately I had to stick a three wick candle in the cat pumpkin because the single wick wasn’t showing up enough, and once I got it in there I couldn’t get it back out, bye bye bath and body works banana bread lol.


This is the Clinique Dewy You Set, also I love this new backdrop, what do you guys think?



And thats everything I got up to this week, if you want to stay up to date, follow me on instagram and snapchat!!
What did you get up to this week? Feel free to leave your instagram and snapchat name in the comments so I can see your pictures and videos.



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