October Favorites & Monthly Giveaway

Wow what a crazy fast month October was, and here we are two months from 2017, and me feeling as crazed and lost as ever lol.

The end of October has been really exciting from me as my mom and little brother Matthew are here visiting, however it’s not a casual trip, I had an idea for something a few weeks back, and as soon as I told my mom about it, she booked the next flight over, and here she is, and we have already started working on it. Due to that I have been busy, and had very little time to edit/blog/vlog, so sorry I promise I will get better, I just am trying to juggle so many different things that I am feeling quite tired to be honest!

However, things are going to be winding down just in time for the 25 Days of Christmas, in fact my brother Matthew and I are getting ready to film a couple of videos for that this week.
Anyhoos, here is my October Favorites and the monthly giveaway!



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