Origins Charcoal Mask First Impression

Today I tried the Origins Choral Mask for the first time, I was pretty hesitant on buying this as it is getting so much hype within the “beauty community” that I was nervous it was just one more “bandwagon” item.

I applied this just as the directions said, place a warm cloth on your face, then remove and apply the mask. I applied it with a flat foundation brush, because I like how much cleaner it is doing it that way, then I let it sit until completely dry.

It took my mask about 20 minutes to dry, but as usual that has a lot to do with my living in such a warm humid area. For those of you who sadly don’t live on a tropical island (lol) it probably would take about 10 minutes.

After it was fully dry I wiped it away using another warm washcloth, and I have to say, I loved the way my skin looked and felt after, not only does my nose (my usual blackhead area), look 100% clear but my forehead (my usual dull and flakey area), looks clean and alive….

I don’t want to jump the gun here and tell everyone to run out and buy it, but my first impression of this is, it deserves the hype it’s getting.

I will continue to use this for a few more weeks and then get back to you all with a full review…..

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