Panama Travel Take 2

This week’s travel post is about my second trip to Panama, if you you would like to read all about my first time in Panama you can find that here.

This trip happened in December 2012 and I was so happy that we went in the Winter because while the humidity was quite high, the heat was not as unbearable as it was in the Summer.

We landed in Panama City, Panama, and this time chose to rent a car. While it was amazing to have our own car as we were staying up in Coronado this time, rather than staying in the city, but it was still so stressful driving in the city. There must be some unwritten rules on the honking, because again everyone was honking and I still don’t know why 🙂

Because we didn’t stop in Panama City this time, these are just some pictures I was able to get from the car. The spiral building above, is honestly the coolest high rise I’ve ever seen!

We stayed at the BlueBay Coronado Golf & Beach Resort, which after a little browse of their new website I see they have had a total makeover and now I want to go back so badly. The rooms there are quite spacious and the staff is amazingly kind, they saw I was struggling with my Spanish (this was the only class in high school that I failed) and very quickly found someone to help translate for us. They will also help you book horseback riding, water sports, golf, and anything else you see there that looks like fun.

Even though it was December, it was still quite warm, while I’m used to that from living in Hawaii, the humidity is so high I honestly struggled climbing a flight of stairs. So this gorgeous pool became my haven. We would go out in the mornings play golf, get breakfast, and be back at the pool by noon, where we would stay for the rest of the day.

 Golf has never been something I was that into, growing up my friends and I would go to the club with their parents and drive the golf carts around, and that was the extent of my interest. However in Coronado the golf pro took me out, showed me how to swing, putt, and taught me the rules and scoring system, and I really enjoyed! I didn’t have proper shoes for it, but it was so hot I couldn’t imagine playing in regular shoes anyways 😉

I loved the walk from our room to the golf course it’s so green and lush, and has such a jungle vibe to it. You also come across the biggest lizards I’ve ever seen in the wild before. I unfortunately don’t know exactly what these are called but we were very lucky to be given a show by two territorial lizards below.

These two lizards were  hanging out by the pool all day, but once they had spotted each other they ended up fighting, which was so terrifying, but also quite interesting as well, it almost felt like I was watch a live version of National Geographic. In the end the darker green lizard won and this light green lizard climbed up a tree.

I had so much fun going out and exploring the area. We went to a different bar/restaurant every night, and they even have a huge equestrian center! It was a bit too warm to go horse back riding, but it was still fun to go and see them, and have them just walking down the street.

Our flight home was super early in the morning so we drove to the airport the day before and checked into the airport hotel. I have to say the airport hotel is the nicest one I’ve ever stayed at! They had this amazing life-size chess board that we had a few drinks and played with. They also had a lot of these carvings throughout the hotel that I thought were really beautiful.

And that is it for our Panama Adventures! I actually really want to go back, but I also feel like I should be branching out and travel outside the USA to a different location, so let me know where your favorite international travel location is.



  1. Destiny51189
    June 27, 2017 / 9:13 pm

    The place is so beautiful and so do you. A part from humidity everything is so beautiful about this place.
    Thank you so much for sharing this post with us.
    Lots of Love<3

    • Katie Snyder
      June 27, 2017 / 9:19 pm

      I’m so glad you enjoyed this post. And yes Panama is so beautiful, it’s definitely somewhere we will be returning to in the future.

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