Fun Friday: Selfish New Years Resolutions

My Motto For 2015 Feel Free To Use It Yourself

I have decided that 2015 is going to be all about me and you, which means that my resolutions will make me come off as very selfish and uncaring towards others but I just want to state for the record I give to my family, friends, community, as well as loads of charity organizations throughout the world that I am very passionate about, having said that lets jump into my Selfish New Years Resolutions 🙂


  1. I want to spend this year losing the weight that I have put on and getting very toned and fit, I feel like every sense I gained weight I don’t feel happy with myself, its hard for me to find clothes I feel comfortable in as well as living in Hawaii where we are half naked most of the time I would feel more comfortable and willing to go to the beach more often.
  2. I purchased Final Cut Pro about 6 months ago but after trying it once and feeling very overwhelmed decided it wasn’t for me, but I have decided it has to be for me, I paid for it hahaha, so I purchased another piece of software called Learn Final Cut Pro, so I will master this piece of technology and you and I will be happier for it.
  3. I want to practice piano everyday, I know that sounds like a big commitment but I only need 15-20 minutes a day to actually stay proficient.
  4. My last resolution for this year is to make an effort to inter react with all of you, I love the aspect of making videos and blogging, but it can be very one sided, so I want to connect with all of you on social media, do more subscriber requested videos, and maybe if we are able to build up this little internet family enough plan something big and fun for the beginning of next year.

As I said this year is about all of us as a group and trying to help each other reach our goals, I am so happy you guys have jumped on for the ride and cannot even tell you how excited I am to see where this year takes us.


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