Small business Saturday Gift Guide

Since today is small business Saturday I thought I would take you through a few of my favorite Etsy purchases, everything in this list I have purchased myself and absolutely love, also the store owners are actual GEMS, they always go above and beyond!

Trinket/Ash Tray

This looks beautiful on your nightstand as a place to collect your rings, bracelets, and earrings at the end of the day!

Roomba Vacuum Cover

Honestly this is the cutest thing ever, you put it over the top of your robot vacuum and it looks like Rudolph running around doing your vacuuming! The store has other designs and other brand vacuum covers as well.

Crystal & Essential Oils Candle

These candles are gorgeous!!! They have the clear candle wax at the bottom so you can see the flowers and crystals which I think is so genius and are scented using essential oils!

Penguin Bath Bomb

This bath bomb had to be included because its so cute and detailed! This shop has so many bath bombs and bubble bars to choose from and they are all amazing!

Candy Cane Bath Bomb

This is the same shop as above but look how cute this candy cane bath bomb is!

Crystal Phone Grip/Pop Socket

These are the only phone grips I use because they are so pretty but also super functional! The shop has them in pretty much ever color as well!

Bath Melt In A Bottle

This shop has a whole line of bath and grooming products and I can’t recommend them enough their scents are probably the best I’ve ever come across, but also they are so creative, look at this bath melt, its so cute and creative, I have this Christmas one and I also got the halloween one that made it look like a science experiment in the bath, these are so fun to do on your own or with kids!

Christmas Bath Bomb Set

This set is perfect for the bath lover in your life, the shop has a few different sets to choose from as well.

Womens Winter Headband

All the women in my family are getting these headbands, they have so many to choose from and the ones with the faux fur are so soft and warm!

Unisex Beanie

I got all the boys these beanies they are so soft and they look gorgeous!

Grinch Cup

I’m currently drinking my coffee out of this cup and let me tell you I LOVE IT, I get so much joy from this little cup I want you all to have one and experience morning coffees in this!

I hope this gave you some great ideas for gifts for the people in your life and maybe for you as well!


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