Spring Cleaning Haul!!!

Today I went into Ross to pick up an electric wine opener, but as I was looking for the wine opener I saw that Ross had already put out all their spring cleaning items. I know it’s not spring (yet), but here in Hawaii we have 2 season’s, the hot summer, and the warm but rainy winter, so that said I picked up a few items that I felt were needed (the husband disagrees on this) to balance out my cleaning/organizing closet.

I grabbed this set of rubber gloves for $7.99. I chose this set because the black is going to be left in Don’s bathroom and the pink will be left in my own bathroom so I don’t have to carry one back and forth. They had so many other colors to choose from but I thought this set with the black gloves would be most “acceptable” in Don’s bathroom.


As soon as I saw this set of specifically designed and labeled cloths I grabbed them! These were $5.99 and I love them, the lighting in this picture is too orange as the “screen” cloth is actually grey. I can’t wait to try these out especially the “glass” cloth, as regular cloths can leave little fuzzes on the mirror.



This little duster is amazing!!! As soon as I came home a tried it out on my ceiling fan blades and it works like a charm. I am trying to stay away from duster sprays like pledge because it seems like the more I use it the more dust it collects, so I grabbed this in the hopes that I could get away from my duster spray and this baby dusts and polishes perfectly. What is also really nice about this duster is the cloth comes off really easily, so you can dust your whole house then throw it in the washer. This cost $3.49.

Then I saw a few household items I needed, so……….



I fell in love with this LED lamp it can be used with battery or USB and I find it’s perfect for late night blogging and video editing, the folding arm comes in handy when positioning the light, as the light is not that big so it’s nice to be able to shine the light where it’s needed. This was $8.99.


I have seen commercials for this knife like a thousand times so when I saw it there in Ross I grabbed it, it was $11.99 and it’s pretty good I like that it’s lightweight, doesn’t stick to the food (as advertised), and its sharp.



My final item is a slow-cooker, I had one that was about 8 years old and was starting to crack from so much use so I decided to move on to bigger and better things! this was $27.99 and I got the white one, it looks retro which is something I loved and it’s big, so now I can cook pot roast’s without needing to scoop out part of the meal!

While there I also picked up a set of measuring cups but I left them in the trunk and was being super lazy and didn’t want to go out to the parking garage to get them lol. But sadly I never did find the electric wine opener, but I guess that gives me an excuse to have to go back next week.

Until next time…





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