Stat Saturday & 25 Days Of Christmas Giveaway Day 12

Today I woke up with a sore throat and by 12 pm my voice was almost completely gone, so I weighed myself and went back to bed for several hours! Today I weighed in at 182 pounds, I didn’t make it to the gym one time this week, I feel like I am letting myself and you guys down, but at the same time I can only spread peanut butter so thin and between blogging/vlogging, helping Don with his business, keeping my house clean, walking my dogs every few hours (#CondoLiving lol), and living life, I honestly feel like my life is imploding.

One of my goals is to get super organized (even though I spend most of my life organized it never feels like enough), and I am also considering hiring a housekeeping service to come around once a week just to give me those few hours to focus on whatever I want to be focusing on that week. I sometimes feel like there is so much pressure as a woman to be able to “do it all”, and I don’t know if I’m broken or if feeling completely defeated at the end of everyday is normal, but if thats normal then I want to be abnormal. I know this is a deeper chat than we normally have but I’m just currently fighting to keep my head above water and needed a little vent!

Do you guys ever feel this way, if so what do you think, can we “do it all”?

Here is todays Main Channel Video and Daily Vlog!


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