Stat Saturday: September 20, 2015

Stat Saturday’s are back!!!! I have found that I’m better at actually focusing on my weight loss and fitness if I am actually telling you guys about it, probably so I don’t feel like I’m disappointing any of you 😉

Anyhoos here is todays weight and measurements:

Bust: 39.5 Inches

Waist: 35 Inches

Hips: 46 Inches

Thigh: 25 Inches

Calf: 14.5 Inches

Left Arm: 13.5 Inches

Weight: 180.8 LBS

Now that we seem to have working a/c (fingers crossed), I feel like I can start focusing on my diet and exercise more. I have recently overhauled the space that my Pilates Reformer lives in so that I can slide it in and out with minimal effort, so my goal for the rest of the year is to go to the gym Monday-Friday and do 50 minutes of Cardio and 30 Minutes of the Kayla Bikini Body Guide. I also want to complete 30 minutes of Pilates 7 days a week, as well as try and squeeze in a longer walk with the dogs everyday.

Hopefully I can make this all work, I have recently ordered a little something for myself that should help me keep all this going, as soon as it arrives I will post it here. Until then here is todays Main Channel Video and Daily Vlog.




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