Stat Saturday: September 5, 2015

So I know you guys are going to totally kill me when it comes to my Stat Saturday posts, as they have been crazy far and few between, but I am completely focused on this right now, and so I want to make sure we are all included in the loop, and up to date.

So as you can see from the picture above I have actually gained weight since my last post, I blame that on my lack of a/c which is a totally lame excuse but here in Hawaii its been about 90 degrees with 84% humidity DAILY!!! So I caved to peer pressure, Don! And have been enjoying some ice cream lately, which is quite unusual for me because I actually hate the stuff, i don’t like that its cold and I think its too sweet, but with the last month of no a/c I have way over indulged in this sweet treat, and to be honest I’m really pissed at myself for doing it because I was actually down to 177 in July, and I have totally self-destructed my diet, but each day is a fresh start and so I am taking that philosophy to heart…

Starting next week I will be going back to normal Stat Saturday’s where I do full on measurements, and have pictures and all that good stuff, but I lost my cloth tape (for the billionth time!), and if you watch the video below had some technical issues so I just wanted to be over this whole stat Saturday lol. Here is todays Main Channel Video and Daily Vlog. 



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