Style Sunday: Casual Sunday OOTD

Today I am preparing my house and life for a highly anticipated family visit, my brother Brandon and his wife Olivia and their son Doug are coming to stay with us for a week!!!

So today’s OOTD is very casual, I needed to do a bit of cleaning but I also had a few errands to run so I wanted something I could do housework in but also go out into public and not feel ashamed of how I left the house.

As you guys know I struggle with body confidence because I am over weight but also I wasn’t raised in a household where we talked about things like that (I was raised in the 90’s nobody was talking about that lol), so I have been trying to make an effort to not only lose weight but also to feel comfortable how I am and learn to dress for myself and not care what other people think. Let me tell you those last 6 words, is and will be a long struggle for me.

On to the outfit, today I am wearing a pink Calvin Klein top from Costco, black jeggings from jordache (walmart), and black flats from Ross. This outfit is truly the epitome of a budget looks as the shirt was $12.99 the pants $13.99 and the shoes were $8.99.

Yesterday I started editing my daily vlogs with a slightly more creative hat on and would love to know your thoughts on it so please watch yesterday’s vlog and let me know if you guys prefer the standard piece together clip vlog or the more artistic style that I did yesterday.

Here is today’s Main Channel Video and Daily Vlog!!



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