Style Sunday: Gym OOTD

Todays Style Sunday is a gym OOTD, you guys know I have been working out A LOT lately so I thought I would show you my current go to items.

My top is just a simple black tee from Old Navy.

My shorts are from EverLast, I love these shorts they are so light and breath really well and are perfect for a really hardcore sweaty workout.

My shoes are from Nike (closest item I could find), these are great walk around shoes and light working out, but it has a very thin sole and so they aren’t good for high impact workouts, as it offers very little support for your ankles and knees.

My gym bag is from Deux Lux (closest item I could find), and is actually a large hand bag but I use it as a gym bag because its large enough to fit all my gym items, as well as it matches my Big Buddha iPad/iPhone case.

You can see my full Style Sunday Gym OOTD below…..



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