Style Sunday: Michael Kors OOTD


Today’s Style Sunday OOTD is all Michael Kors, I couldn’t help myself as I can finally shove my body into these size 10 Michael Kors skinny jeans!!!! I have had this outfit sitting in my closet for months as I knew someday I could make it work, and with my new birthday splurge boots I not only wore this outfit, but I literally made sure that I “accidentally” bumped into EVERYONE I KNOW!

For some of you, you might be thinking, “they’re size 10 not 0, calm yourself.” while this may not be something to celebrate for the average person, for myself this was weeks and weeks of suffering through spin class, pilates, dog walks, and lack of chocolate or any real source of sugar, so I’m celebrating and, I’m going all out 🙂


Ok onto to actual outfit, this olive top has a TON of gold accents to it, from the zipper, pocket corners (2 pockets 4 corners), and the shirt cuffs. Because of that I chose to go low-key on the jewelry, so I wore my wedding ring, a pair of gold and beaded hoop earrings, and the gold studs in my 2nd holes.

The black skinny jeans, are just that, black skinny jeans, they too have gold accents on the pants, the only thing I didn’t like was there are no pockets, which I find irritating as I like to carry my phone whilst walking the dogs and always need a pocket.


Then of course are the Michael Kors Brown Suede boots, I love these, probably too much and it probably makes me look quite materialistic, but none the less I love them and am so happy with the purchase.

What did you wear today?

Here is today’s Main Channel Video and Daily Vlog, and Sims 4 Gaming Video!



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