Style Sunday: New Hair

Hello lovelies, I know it has been a ridiculous amount of time since my last post but I was sick and then had my 9 year old brother Matthew visiting for 3 weeks, and now that I feel like I am back to normal it’s time to get back to our normal schedule.

As many of you know I am using 2015 as my year of change, part of that inside and the other part is outside, so I decided to start with my hair. It seems like I have been rocking the brunette look since I was 18 so I decided to mix it up and do the ombre look that I have been wanting to try but too much of a scaredy cat to actually do. I would call this my transition hair because as I have mentioned I have fine hair but a lot of it which means it took 4 hours just to apply all the color and then 40 minutes for the color to set and a quick 10 minute layering trim, because of the time it takes to apply the color this hair transition was insanely expensive almost 3x what I thought it would be so for that reason I had the blond brought up higher on my head so that as my hair grows out, (which is the plan), I won’t have to pay the crazy cost in just 8 weeks.

I feel so good about this change, I can’t even explain how much more confident and happy I feel, just by getting my hair done. I am enjoying playing with it and adjusting to the side-swept bangs. I am going to include some pictures of my hair over the years just so you can see the change for yourself.

Panama City Panama 2010


Palm Springs California 2012


Waikiki Hawaii 2007


Roseville California 2012


Honolulu Hawaii 2013


Anderson California 2008


Shingletown California 2010




Shingletown California 2011


Honolulu Hawaii 2013


Yucca Valley California 2011




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