Summer Weight Loss Challenge Day 1

I started my morning off with my usual iced coffee using the sugar-free coffee creamer from CoffeeMate.

Then I had the Natures Path Flax Plus Cereal, with strawberries, and Almond Milk.


Then I had the Melaleuca SplasH20 which is a sugar free drink that tastes amazing.


I included the back of the box incase you wanted to checkout the nutritional information.


With my SplasH20 I also had a grilled sandwich which had chicken breast, cheddar cheese, and honey mustard.

For dinner we had italian from Assagio’s this is the angel hair pasta with meat sauce, grilled vegetables, and fish pomidori.

For working out I didn’t go to the gym instead I stayed home and read hahaha but I am trying to talk myself into it.

See you guys tomorrow.


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