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I love my fur babies, Charlie (Right) & Louis (left) are my everything, they are the two most important things/people in my life, I am ready and willing to do anything for them, be it a late night run to PetCo for Greenies, or literally holding both of them in the air as a German Shepard tried to grab them from me (yes that actually happened, I have know idea how I was able to hold them both but I did, and no I don’t blame the German Shepard, the owner very intentionally dropped the leash and the clearly did not train the dog to be off leash with other dogs).

Having said that, the scariest/worst thing that could ever happen to me would be one or both of them going missing, that’s why I never talk on the phone as I walk them, very rarely vlog, and don’t like people walking with us, I want my full attention on them at all times.

It may sound over-protective but these are 100% my children!



We have gone all the normal routes of protecting them if they get lost, they are chipped, they are registered with the AKC with an id number, registered in my city, and of course a name tag.

The tag is your typical name and phone number, in the shape of a little doggy bone, but recently I learned about Tags For Hope, they are an international organization that creates the cutest pet tags that look like the drivers license for your area, and they don’t make that jingling sound as you walk, which is amazing, because that gets annoying real quick 🙂

The tags themselves are the same size as your normal tags, they fit well into the palm of your hand, and are guaranteed for life, no breakage, chew age, or damage of any kind, or they will replace them free!

What I love about the tags is not only are the adorable and functional, but they contain so much more information than your normal dog tag can…

Name, Date Of Birth, Class (cat or dog), Breed, Sex, Height, Weight, Eyes, Hair, Phone Number, Address, and a cute little phrase that sums up your dogs personality.

But wait theres more…

The back of the tags are completely blank, there you can add in additional numbers, your vet information, chip id number, and any other needs or info people would need about your dog like allergies or in my case Louis’ fear of all other dogs and some people, and how you only need a ball in your hand for him to become your best friend lol.

I also purchased the wallet cards, in the event they went missing I would be able to use this to show people when asking if they’ve seen them, I also made a copy and put them on file at my vets office just in case they need them.

One other amazing aspect of Tags For Hope is that for every tag purchased they donate to animal shelters/rescues all over the world, so by trying to save your dog or cat, you help save another dog or cat somewhere else, which is really cool to think about.

I would love to hear all about your fur babies, also I like to spend hours and hours scrolling instagram looking at pet pictures so leave me a link to your below!





  1. July 3, 2016 / 1:29 am

    This is honestly the cutest, most thoughtful thing ever! I loved reading your blog and finding out about this. Thank you!!

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