Tarte & Too Faced Holiday Gift Sets


One of the really exciting parts of the holidays coming round, is the amazing gift sets that come out from the beauty companies. This year I got my hands on the Tarte Holidaze of Giving and the Too Faced La Grande Chateau and thought I would go through and show you guys swatches as well as stare my thoughts on each item.

With the Tarte Holidaze Set you get 12 eye shadows, 2 blushes, 1 eye cream, 2 brushes, 4 eyeliners, 1 mascara, 2 lip glosses, and 3 lip sticks.

The mascara is the Lights Camera Lashes and I have to say this is honestly one of my favorite mascaras ever, not only do you get volume and length but you get it without clumping.

The two brushes that came with this palette are not my favorite, they are a bit long (the brush hairs) for my liking I feel like you end up getting shadow and blush where you don’t want it when the brush is too long.

The eye cream though is fantastic, it almost feels like there is a serum within the eye cream so to some it might feel a tiny bit oily but because I have such dry skin, I love it!

The eye shadows and blushes are really pigmented, and I love the mix of matte and shimmer shades in each palette.

The four liners are brown, navy, purple, and black, these liners are very creamy with a lot of color payoff, but they are thick so it is hard to get a really thin line, as well as they are very creamy so they break really easily, I also don’t care for the smudger, I feel like its wiping the liner rather than smudging and I think it would work better if the smudger was sponge material rather than that rubbery material.

The 3 lipsticks are to die for, not only are they creamy but they don’t have that crazy sheen that some really creamy lipsticks have.

The 2 lip glosses however will not be used by me as they are CRAZY STICKY, and I can’t stand a sticky lip gloss, its actually really sad how sticky they are as they are such nice colors.

We then have the Too Faced La Grande Chateau, first off the packaging on this is like an 11 out of 10, it is so cute and I so badly want to give it to my 4 year old niece Sophia, but at the same time I want to keep it for myself!

This set comes with 3 palettes, each with 6 shadows, and 1 blush/bronzer, it then comes with a mini Better Than Sex Mascara, for me this mascara is a nightmare and I wouldn’t ever purchase this for myself, its so clumpy and creates such chaotic looking lashes, where your lashes are kind of going all over, and for myself I really like a nice clean lash with a bit of value and length, but there are others like Zoe Sugg who stated that she loved this mascara so I’m going to say each to her own on this.

The palettes though are incredible, not only do you end up with the most ridiculous amount of shadows, but its not like some sets were they start to repeat themselves, you have an honest to goodness variety for anytime of year. I also love that all the names are in French, even though lets be honest my French is HORRIBLE!

All in all both sets are great for the beauty lover, and while I thought I would share the palettes with my sister, I must admit I have kept them all lol.

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