Thoughts Thursday: ELF HyperShine Gloss

Todays Thoughts Thursday is on the ELF HyperShine Gloss in the color Flirt.

When I first ordered this gloss I didn’t have high expectations for it, but I thought I would try it because it’s only $1.00.  One of the first things that fought my eye was the size of the products, it provides a significant amount of gloss for the cost. I then spotted the brush tip and was so bummed because I normally hate these as the brush is never firm enough and it can cause your gloss to go all over, but I can happily report this is the first brush tipped gloss that I not only like I love!!! As for the actual gloss, as expected for a $1.00 lip gloss you will need to reapply this throughout the day and night, however this gloss is so moisturizing. When wearing this gloss it feels exactly like I’m wearing the Maybelline Baby Lips, but with a little better color transfer 🙂 Also the color selection is great this color on their website looked a bit nudey, but when I apply it it comes out much more cloud pink, and when on it looks more of a coral. I would recommend this gloss to everyone out there, they have 8 colors to choose from and I can’t wait to try the rest.

However, I was unable to find a location near me that sold ELF so I ordered all of my products online. My box came within about 2 weeks of my order, but it only contained 1/2 my order so I contacted ELF right away. They said they would send out a new package soon but…I ordered this on December 28th 2013, I didn’t receive the missing part of my order until February 21, 2014. When I asked then to send me tracking info for the order they did but the number they sent was invalid and USPS could not verify what package they were talking about. Then when I asked then to just refund my money there was no reply. In the end my order did finally arrive, but I would advise looking for a local retail location before ordering online.



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