Thoughts Thursday: Emma Hardie Unboxing/First Impression

Awhile back Anna SacconeJoly mentioned she was using the Emma Hardie Amazing Face Moringa and was deeply in love with it, also Caroline Hirons (my go to skin goddess), mentioned Emma Hardie as well, so I thought clearly I need to give this a go. Sadly the price was quite high for just a try and see, especially because I suffer from sensitive skin and sometimes buy something and after one use its in the trash because of a bad reaction, so I did some googling and found the Emma Hardie Essentials set from Feel Unique. It came in the mail, badly damaged to say the least, what was once a box now seemed to be a flat envelope lol, but after opening it and realizing everything was undamaged I was finally given my opportunity to play with this heavy desired set.

Included in the essentials kit is:

Emma Hardie Amazing Face Moringa Cleansing Balm

Emma Hardie Amazing Face Moringa Facial Exfoliator

Emma Hardie Amazing Face Rejuvenating Night Cream

Emma Hardie Amazing Face Brilliance Facial Oil

Emma Hardie Cleansing Cloth

Please excuse Charlie, he feels like he needs to be included in every blog picture lol.

After opening the box I couldn’t wait to give it a go so that night I used all of the products and can happily report, no skin sensitivity problems at all, it smells very “earthy” or “natural” there doesn’t seem to be any heavy fragrance added, (the package does say it has fragrance). The oil is crazy big for this being a sample/travel size kit, as is the cleansing balm. The exfoliator and night cream are true sample sizes, and the wash cloth is literally amazing! As your removing the cleansing balm with this cloth not only is soft and actually removing product but it doesn’t pull at the skin (as long as you have a soft touch).

I can say I will be repurchasing all of these products in full size, as well as all of the woman in my family will be receiving this kit as their Christmas present.

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