Thoughts Thursday: Milani Eye Tech Perfection Review


Today I am sharing with you guys this GEM of an eyeliner! Everyone meet the Milani Eye Tech Perfection Liquid Liner Pen, this little pen is about to revolutionize your eyeliner routine!

When I first saw this at my local drugstore I was a little weirded out by the shape of this pen, it just didn’t look right, but then I thought, “it must be designed like that for a reason, so lets give it a try”, and boy am I happy I did.

The odd shape of this pen is exactly what I needed in order to get my eyeliner straight as well as to perfect my winged liner look. With this pen you are stabilizing it with three fingers which means you have less shake in your hand when applying which means a straighter smoother line.

The tip of this pen looks quite fine and it is, you can achieve a very fine line with this pen, but unlike some of its competitors it is not a flimsy tip it is quite firm so you can fill in, wing out, and pretty much do anything necessary with it.

Also the liquid liner goes on and stays on, when I say that I mean if you make a mistake, stop what you’re doing and clean it up ASAP, once it’s on its on for the day. It comes off really easily with a makeup wipe, makeup remover, cleansing balm, but it won’t lift with just the rub of a Q-Tip.

I am so excited about this eyeliner and I am so glad I took the risk and bought it. The most surprising thing about this pen, is it’s drugstore, how can this little Milani pen actually be better than every single high end pen I have ever used, I don’t know, I just know that it is.

What’s your favorite eyeliner pen? Have you tried this one?

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