Throwback Thursday: Ice Skating in the Desert!

In September 2011 my family was blessed with the arrival of my little baby niece Sophia. I flew down to Palm Springs a few weeks later (it was then October), and  whilst there I learned they had an indoor ice skating rink, which of course meant we had to go do it, even though it was still insanely hot.

Being a child of the 90’s means I spent almost my entire childhood rollerblading, which means I’m pretty good at iceskating, my little brother Matthew however was not. I ended up practically carrying him around the rink, and it made me realize what different childhoods we had, and yet we’re siblings.

This is one of my fondest memories of my family, it was a classic family moment, some were having a blast (me & Laura) and some were complaining it was too cold (Derrell, Matthew, and Andrew lol). I honestly think the best family moments and the ones we are most likely to remember is the less than perfect moments, those moments when you’re all tripping and falling over the ice but absolutely dying laughing as you do it?

Have you ever ice-skated or rollerbladed? Also what was your Throwback Thursday memory, leave your Instagram handle below.


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