My Meals Monday

Today I started off my morning with coffee and panda pops, I also watched the One Love Manchester concert whilst having this, and I just want to say it was so emotional and beautiful, and sad, and amazing all wrapped into one.


For lunch I had a tomato and mozzarella panini from Starbucks with my all time favorite Black Tea. It’s honestly so amazing:)


For dinner we ordered take out which I’m technically not supposed to be doing (don’t tell my trainer lol), but I went healthy so I thinks it’s ok. I got the grilled salmon with asparagus, salad, and baked potato soup.


For dessert I had a Snickers ice cream, which is so weird for me to say as ice cream is so far at the bottom of the list of things I’ll eat, I can’t even see it lol. But it has been so freaking hot lately and I saw this at walgreens and I felt compelled to buy it.

That is everything I ate today. You can check out the video for this below, and don’t forget to leave me a comment telling me what you ate today.



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